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Artist's Bio

in New York City in 1964, Mieshiel Murray was raised in a family of artists. His early exposure to cutting-edge contemporary art in the SoHo arts district of Manhattan inspired him to pursue his own artistic path. Mieshiel received a BFA in graphic design in 1986 from the prestigious California Institute of Arts, where he began developing his unique, signature style combining West Coast boldness with East Coast sophistication.

Mieshiel went on to co-found Temple Art Performance (TAP) space in Los Angeles, a major center for avant-garde art installations, performance art, and music. Since 1987, he has lived in the stunning high desert of Taos, New Mexico, in an off-grid, solar-and wind-powered community, where he continues to create the vibrant, intricate colored-pencil drawings for which he is known. “Living in relative isolation close to the Earth, surrounded by so much natural beauty, allows me to venture deeply inward and inspires my work,” Mieshiel says.

Also inspired by his dreams, visions, and travels, Mieshiel’s mystical visionary art contains otherworldly symbols and creatures, hidden images and light codes, and ancient and futuristic sacred sites meant to ignite heightened sates of awareness in the viewer. 

Award-winning filmmaker Ted Ciesielski says, “Mieshiel’s extraordinary visionary art is like a window to the universe. It has the power to open and expand your own path of inner exploration and understanding.”

Mieshiel has participated in many solo and group exhibitions nationwide.  He also designed the interior cover art for the CD soundtrack of the film “Serafina” (Warner Brothers, 1991). More recently, his work was featured alongside that of well-known visionary artists Alex Grey and the late Pablo Amaringo in “Shamanic Illuminations,” a ground-breaking exhibition at ACA Galleries in New York City.  Mieshiel is represented by ACA Galleries and Envision Gallery in Taos. 

Mieshiel’s giclée prints, block prints, and clothing are displayed in retail stores throughout the Southwest.  Notable collectors of Mieshiel’s art include Amon Carter, Jeffrey Bronfman, Gwendolyn Grace, and Julia Roberts.


My art is a bridge between the seen and unseen’worlds. It captures the shifting moods of earth and sky, and the intersection of spirit and matter, in dazzling compositions executed in an innovative blend of impressionism and surrealism with a transcendent shamanic vision.   

I want my art to enrich people and inspire them to see the world the way I see it—as an infinite, ever-changing landscape that mirrors our inner experience. My art is one with the landscape and my spiritual journey. 
I’ve been developing this style of painting for over 30 years working primarily in oil on canvas 

I see life in patterns which are then broken down into symbols and coding (light codes). The symbols that I paint represent Universal language which isn’t specific to any culture or tradition but rather speak to the vibration and feelings they carry through form, color and resonance 

The process often involves many layers of paint to fine tune the shapes and negative spaces to perfection.

Codes of Creation
Mieshiel & Anthony Fearron

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Saturday, July 1, 2023
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
featuring jazz singer Susan Fearron


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Anthony Fearron

Artist's Bio

Born in 1955 on Long Island, Mr. Fearron began seriously painting in 2003, cultivating his Caribbean heritage and love for bold use of color.  His technique applies color and textural elements to canvas using twigs, leaves, metal scraps, toothpick, hairpins and writing implements in lieu of brushes. 

The Birth of Urban Futurizm highlights works that offer glimpses of the common man in a world diminished by the digital age, witnessing the decline of human ethics, and struggling along with nature to be seen against the chaos. Works in this series combine acrylic paint, pen and ink, spray paint and marker applies as layers of language and mathematical symbols.


My view is my response towards reality – past, present, future, expressed in abstract, improvisational form with vivid colors, strands of language and formulaic computations; all capturing my motivations, my thinking, and the flow of my life. This art represents feelings that I've hidden, some of which are built up inside of me; and feelings I want to shout to the heavens and the universe. I am always learning new things; striving to develop myself from the physical and spiritual towards the future. I am a part of my family and all of my loved ones.  These paintings and designs represent an expression of my humanity as a man. The act of painting allows me to learn something from what and who I have become. I rarely use brushes or brush strokes and prefer working with straight edges, wood objects, pens, market, pencil, oil stick, acrylic, spray paint, metal or plastic edges and shapes as a means to apply and move paint onto the canvas and other objects.