An opening for “In Praise of the Square,” new works by Norbert Voelkel, will be held at the Bareiss Gallery this Friday, January 26th, from 4 to 6 p.m. 27 works in various media including oil on canvas, collage and assemblage sculpture will be on view.

Voelkel is inspired by the artist/teacher Joseph Albers.

“Perhaps the first and most famous example of  ‘the serial’ approach are the 15 paintings of hay stacks by Claude Monet, and regarding the Square, I am indebted to Josef Albers; he invented the square in the square in the square; his paintings are all of identical size and the permutations are accomplished by changing the colors of the squares. The serial approach signals that there is not one single solution to a problem, that there is no beginning and no end. Each single image can be eliminated without jeopardizing the series. Although there exists the first picture—there is no development from the first to the last image. The common denominator for squarespace is indeed the square, which becomes the playground for different materials and media—from watercolor to encaustic. There is no repetition, each square is unique but relates to the entire series. The spectrum of possibilities informs about the differences and the connections and the world in a square.”
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