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Embudo Station I, 2014, archival digital print


Press Release 

Ramon Sanchez
Artist Statement

From Spain to Taos  Photography Exhibit
October 22 through November 18, 2016
Bareiss Gallery

In the spring of 1964, I went on a trip to Portugal with my school class. My father let me take his twin lens Rolleiflex camera to the trip, which I see now as an incredible amount of trust put on a sixteen-year-old boy. From that trip are the photos of the fisherman and the women pulling the nets onto the beach in a town called Nazaré, nowadays a resort town on the Portuguese coast. Many cameras later, I still have and use the Rolleiflex from my father,  and many of my best photos come from that camera. I still shoot film (some people call it analog photography), and try to get in the dark room as much as my schedule allows me. I have enjoyed photography all my life. I like landscapes and I like portraits. I also like to capture intimate spaces where people live or have lived. I think of photography as a way of preserving what we have now for new generations. It gives continuity to our lives, and I like to do it with a little bit of humor when possible.

Lastly, I would not have come to this point without the support and encouragement from my wife, Chula, my best fan. Or without the support of so many people that taught and helped me in this journey. I am very aware of that and very grateful to all.

Ramon Sanchez
September 30, 2016

Sentinel Tree I, 2012, archival digital print